Hawkor and Gobbler

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    • Hey after seeing your post I decided to throw together a Hawkor Gobbler Deck myself. Put this together and ran through the Great Machine Graveyard.

      Thunderfield Seer x3 w/ Chest
      Lightning Elemental x3
      Flickering Gobbler x3 w/ Weapon
      Cyclone Shaper x3

      Arcane Focus x3
      Combat Training x3
      Seeing Red x3
      Morphology x3 w/ Gloves
      Ruby Aura x3 w/ Trinket
      Mimic x3 w/ Boots
      Lanupaw's Sight x3 w/ Helmet

      Sapphire Shard x12
      Ruby Shard x12

      This deck was put together pretty quickly so I haven't really fine tuned it yet. I feel like I might be able to replace the Burnwith Crackling Bolt. Cyclone Shaper might be a bit redundant since Hawkor's power and Flickering Gobbler both reduce card cost. It might be better to replace the Cyclone Shaper with a low cost troop like Boltspasm. Also 24 shards feels like it might be too many and I could cut 2 or 3 and add another card to the deck.