Eraia Ageless

  • Male
  • 31
  • from Winterpeg, Manisnowba
  • Member since Apr 19th 2016

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  • Qarlynd -

    As fun as discussion with you can be, i think we will never come to any kind of agreement. If we differ on something ( we do that often but not always)
    we seem to be on completly diffrent sites or discuss for completly diffrent sites.

    • Eraia -

      I mean, I was pretty sure I'd never agree with schild about anything EVER... but sure enough, today a topic came up that I was on the same side as him... people may disagree about a lot, but no two people are complete polar opposites! :)

      At least you're not hostile so I have no problems with the discussions ;)

    • Qarlynd -

      Yeah, as i said we agree from time to time but if we disagree it is mostly fundamental.

      if i come over hostile in some way please tell me, i don't mean it but sometimes we can get carried away ;)

  • Rumor -

    Do you climb the wall while it trolls you with blocks and sheep?

    • Eraia -

      Of course!

  • Eraia -

    This is a wall. It is a good wall.